Kelly Khumalo Talks Dissociating From Zandie Khumalo And The Viral Crying Video

Kelly Khumalo touched on the issue of divorcing her sister and that of her crying video.

Kelly Khumalo is one celebrity who has taken to the social media platform to voice out her frustration during the lockdown period. The singer got most of her plans canceled due to the pandemic.

Kelly Khumalo also had a major fall out with her sister Zandie Khumalo, which led to her divorcing her publicly. Kelly speaking on the incident said she and her sister have gone their separate ways, even got a lawyer involved with the matter.

Kelly Khumalo on the Afternoon express show, also talked about her viral crying video, the singer said she wasn’t really herself at the time and anyone who knew her knows she is spiritual.

Kelly went on to tell her haters, how they see others, is how they actually see themselves and  same applied to how they felt about her.

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