Kelly Khumalo’s Drug Bombshell On Jub Jub

“Dance Comigo” songstress Kelly Khumalo has made a startling revelation regarding her ex and fellow musician Jub Jub. The celebrate siger and reality television host claims that Jub Jub introduced her to drugs.

She made that claim in a recent interview, acknowledging they jad a toxic relationship and she contribued to it

At this point, she insists  that hearing Jub Jub’s name makes her cringe. She claimed she was able to break up from the drug habit when she broke up with him.

Her relationship with Jub Jub has kinda turned her into an advocate for healthy relationships. Earlier this year, during Valentine’s day, she had warnweed her fans not to get into relationshit just so that they have a lover in the day the world has long recognized as lover’s day.

By the way, previously, Kelly Khumalo had claimed that Jub Jub battered her when they were in a relationship and she was heavily pregnant. She shared photographs of her bleeding face to back up her claims. The former couple has a child together.

Well, what do you think of Kelly Khumalo’s claims Jub Jub introduced her to drugs? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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