Kelly Khumalo’s Name Used To Scam Event Owner!

Event Owner scammed with Kelly Khumalo's name

Event Owner scammed with Kelly Khumalo’s name through her brother-in-law.

Woah! is caught in the middle of an event scam which she knew absolutely nothing about, and it was reportedly orchestrated by her brother-in-law.

According to Daily Sun, Bhekani Ndlovu, owner of KZN entertainment venue (and man who previously accused of owing him for a no show gig) was allegedly scammed by Zandi Khumalo’s husband, Mhlo Gumede.

Reports state that it began after Zandi’s performance at Gesh Lounge last year, which was a success. Mhlo offered to book Kelly and Vusi for an even bigger show to which Bhekani agreed and paid R15,000 in advance.

He said,

“I knew he was Kelly’s brother-in-law and that he used to be with Mabala Noise, and that he’d worked with a lot of big artists such as Vusi Nova.
He gave me Zandi’s banking details. I never queried this because my understanding was that they were working as a team. I then started making payments into Zandi’s bank account but I realised something was wrong when Mhlo told me not to post anything about the event.”

After suspecting the arrangement, he investigated and found out he’d been scammed. This happened after no promotion was done for the planned event.

He continued,

“I then asked someone to check with Kelly if she was aware of this event. To my surprise, Kelly had no knowledge of it,”

Mhlo has since denied the accusation.

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