Kelly Rowland Confirms Deal With Roc Nation And Promises Album Release This Year

American singer, Kelly Rowland, is now a part of Roc Nation. She is also prepared to release her long-awaited project this year.

It is not surprising that Kelly Rowland is a part of the Roc Nation family. This is considering the fact that she is a Destiny’s Child icon.

The personal and professional relationship Kelly shares with her ‘sister’ and best friend, Beyonce Knowles, is well-known. One would assume that Kelly Rowland would partner her business with Roc Nation. Well, that didn’t happen until of recent.

Kelly Rowland revealed in an interview with The Associated Press, her new management deal with Roc Nation. She also talked about her recently-released single ‘Coffee,’ and her forthcoming album, which is set to be released this year.

Kelly said:

I’m very excited about this album. I’m excited for the fact that the years that it took me to find tempo. The whole album’s not up-tempo, but I’m excited to share my tempo. I feel like I always had mids and slower records but yeah, I’m ready to dance. Especially when we come out of all this, we need to dance.

She further stated that the album is at its final stage but she needs to add one more song to the tracklist.

The ‘Coffee’ hitmaker also said that she is an independent artist. When the Associated Press inquired if her forthcoming project will be released through Roc Nation, Kelly Rowland stated that her management company is Roc Nation and the deal is new.

The singer said:

It’s family and it just happened. It just really happened to work and it’s working out really well so far. My team, I have a great team. It’s not to say I didn’t have a great team before, I had a great team before. You evolve, you move on and that’s really it and Roc Nation is home now.

The global pandemic might have delayed the release of the singer’s record but Kelly has promised that it will drop this year.

Are you anticipating the release of Kelly Rowland’s forthcoming album?

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