Kelly Rowland Shares A Story Of Destiny’s Child Getting Booed At Summer Jam

Kelly Rowland recalls moment Destiny's Child got booed at Hot 97's Summer Jam

Kelly Rowland recalls moment when Destiny’s Child got booed at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.

Destiny’s Child is regarded as one of the biggest girl groups to ever hit the scene. The iconic girl group is famous for some of the biggest hits to hit the airwaves. It’s surprising to hear there once was a time when they were booed at Summer Jam.

Kelly went down memory lane in a recent interview with Hot 97. Apparently, the trio were about to hit the stage to perform when the crowd started booing. She revealed it was a point in their career where they were crossing over. It made some of their fans wonder if they were “still down”, or “black”.

According to her, they manned up and took the stage. She revealed it was a teachable moment in their career and they learned from it choosing to dwell on only the positive things.

“I saw the look in Beyoncé’s eyes and I was like, ‘If she’s going out there I’m not letting her go out there by herself. Like, I’m going with her.’ And then it was like a trickle effect, and then we were out there, we were on the stage.” 

“I don’t think it was anything anybody could’ve told us at that time. Here we are at the height of our career and we are being praised everywhere except for in our neighborhood.

In the space that first took us on and gave us so much love.”


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