Kelly Rowland Row: Pearl Thusi Writes Those Body-Shaming Anele Mdoda

Mzansi media personality has criticized those body-shaming fellow media personality Anele Mdoda.

Anele Mdoda had long described Destiny’s Child member as the ugliest of the girl band, and although she had been asked several times to apologize to the American, she was adamant she wouldn’t.

Just recently, had rocked the same swimwear Anele Mdoda had worn on her vacation to the Maldives, invariably bringing up the conversation about Anele’s opinion of Kelly.

Also, by this time, Americans had taken notice of Anele disparaging their icon, and they denounced Anele in social media comments, with some loudly calling her unreasonable.

Amid the storm of criticism dropping on Anele Mdoda’s had, some critics had body-shamed her. Reacting to the body-shaming of Anele, had stated she thought people had outgrown body-shaming others.

While some fans agreed with her, others thought Anele got what she deserved, as she had no reason to make Kelly Rowland feel bad about herself in the first place. A user with the handle @_SonOfMars commented: “Yes, let’s call people ugly then pull out the body-shaming card when it backfires.”

Well, what do you think of supporting Anele Mdoda against body shamers? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.