Kendall Jenner-Devin Booker Engagement Not Happening Soon

Kendall Jenner and might be enjoying the time of their lives, but reports indicate that there’s no possibility of an engagement soon.

So if you’re a fan of them pushing ahead quickly, you may have to chill for now.

While sources close to the couple noted that they’re deeply committed to each other, they also made it clear that engagement is not in the cards for the couple yet.

Kendall is reportedly satisfied with the state of her relationship sans an engagement ring and also san a flamboyant wedding.

Devin is also okay with how Kendall is processing the relationship, in no hurry to get into a new direction.

Unlike most of the Jenner clan, the couple has been somewhat private about their relationship, but then sources close to them indicate they’re deeply in love with each other.

Also, Kendall is said to be particularly enamored of the little things Devin does for her. Interestingly, not only do the two of them luxuriate in each other’s company, but their families are also for the relationship

is enjoying life, and that’s as far as it goes. He and his lady are taking their time before putting a ring on it.

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