Kendrick Lamar Speaks Out On Rumors That He Left TDE

Kendrick Lamar finally speaks out to quench rumours that he has left Top Dawg Entertainment to start his own company, PGLang.

For all we knew, Kendrick Lamar had been holed up in an underground studio making some of the best music of his life. Well, that was what we thought until the rapper told us all that he’s been watching cartoons all year. What? Yeah, that’s what he said.

While K-dot has been noticeably absent from the scene for a while now, the “Humble” rapper has been one of the most talked about artists this year. We’ve heard several rumours about him, some of which have fizzled out. Fans have also wondered when he would drop some new music causing him to trend a lot.

Fortunately, he’s been following all of it and not saying a word. However, it only took a rumour that he was no longer a part of TDE’s roster to bring him out of hiding. Well, he sort of still hides in the recent video shared to TDE’s Instagram page. He focuses the camera on a stuffed doll of Blue while he addresses the rumours.

He first talks about some of the other rumours about him which have spread this year. Then he goes on to say he hasn’t left TDE. He also says Top should have informed the world about “pickle juice” which he says it the reason why Top’s red cap doesn’t leave his head. Yes, we are confused to.

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