Kevin Hart & Dave Chappelle Trend Following Will Smith Oscars Fiasco

Comedians, Kevin Hart and Dave Chappelle dominate the trends following Will Smith’s Oscars fiasco with Chris Rock.

Yesterday, social media could not stop talking about Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock. Smith walked up to the stage and slapped Rock after he made a joke about his wife, Jada’s Alopecia condition.

The video has circulated social media even more than his “Best Actor” Academy Award win. Smith has since tendered an apology to the Academy and also to Rock who has refused to press charges. We hear his tickets have seen a spike since the assault.

Social media users have also dragged other popular comedians into it. Many believe that Smith could only do that because it was Chris Rock. In their opinion, he would have had no chance with Kevin Hart or Dave Chappelle who they claim wouldn’t have handled things the way Rock did. And yes, Rock was mature about it. They have also reacted to what Hart and Chappelle have suffered at the hands of people and the Academy after almost getting cancelled.

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