KFC Acknowledges Black Coffee For Funds Raised Through His Home Brewed Sessions

KFC thanks Black Coffee for helping raise funds through his Home Brewed Sessions

KFC acknowledges Black Coffee for helping raise funds to help those affected by the pandemic through his Home Brewed Sessions.

Who isn’t proud of Mzansi disc jockey, Black Coffee right now. We all are. While other celebs fought each other on social media, the “Lalala” hit maker put his talents to use and ‘helped’ people affected by the pandemic.

The 6th edition of his Home Brewed Sessions was aimed at raising funds for KFC’s Add Hope initiative. As usual, he ended up raising thousands of Rand for the cause. The popular food outlet took to Twitter to thank the disc jockey for his efforts in making it possible.

According to them, he helped provide 10,000 meals for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He also replied thanking them for their contributions. This brought so much joy to his followers who took to the comments section to thank him and wish other artists were like him.

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