Kgolo “Daguru” Mthembu On How He Lost R750k To Fraudsters

These are not the best of times for Kgolo “Daguru” Mthembu, husband to reality show star Annie Mthembu. The businessman is reportedly currently facing some financial difficulties, having been bilked of R750k last year.

For many South Africans, news of his loss only came to light this year after it emerged that Annie wouldn’t be a part of the fourth season of the reality show. it was a particularly curious case because she’s been a part of the show all along.

The Kgolo made the shocking revelation that he was robbed last year. According to the club boss, he questioned his staff regarding the heist only to find out that one of his staff – or a group of them – came to the club with a speed point from another business and swapped it with my club’s speed point and stole money.

This was during the busy Durban July period. It was something he had not envisaged from the outset and a setback of sorts for him and his business.

Since the news of the heist broke, South Africans have been wondering what he has done to recover his money. If it is as simple as he explained it, then it should be easy to determine who stole the money and recover the same.

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