Kgolo Mthembu On Real Reason Wife Annie Isn’t A Part Of RHOD Season 4

Of particular interest to many South Africans at the moment is why Annie Mthembu will not be a part of the Real Housewives of Durbans (RHOD) this season. Several reasons have been put together by members of the public, but what does her husband have to say about it?

He acknowledged what she had stated as the reason for her exit – to take care of her mental health as well as focus on other businesses. he also readily admitted that his financial state was partly the reason she would not be a part of this season.

He indicated that he was robbed of R750k by his employees last year. This, of course, affected his club and his financial standing as well. He is focused on recovery, but the damage has already been done.

However, for those who are sad that Annie will not be a part of this season, he has some positive news to share with them. Her not being a part of this season in no way means she has exited the reality show. According to him, she will be back as part of RHOD when she is ready.

Until then, fans of the duo can only wait and see.

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