Kgomotso Christopher On Getting “Generations: The Legacy” Role

It is often said that chances of you getting more roles are higher when you are good as an actress and when you have several movies. Well, South African actress Kgomotso Christopher should know. After all, she has several movie credits and has just added to them with a new role in “Generations: The Legacy.”

In case you are unaware, that flick is one of the longest running also one of the most loved in South Africa. Ever since its first season, it has undergone changes, from cast to storyline, retaining that attention of the public all the way.

Given the interest in the series, the dream for most young actors is to be a part of the cast. But, of course, not everyone gets to be a part of it. But that’s by the way.

Kgomotso Christopher is part of the cast and beyond chuffed to be a part of it. Even more pleasant to her is that she will be acting alongside Aubrey Poo. She would play the role of his twin sister.

She shared her excitement in a post on her official X account, stating that she can’t wait to unleash her talents as part of the series.

Her fans can’t wait as well.

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