Khanya Mkangisa And Desmond Williams Are An Item (Video)

Khanya Mkangisa is enjoying a new phase of love with a new lover, Desmond Williams, photos and videos show. 

In the clips of them together, it was evident that Khanya looked happy. Desmond is not one to hide their relationship. He’s been incredibly open about it, sharing pictures and videos of them, lapping up each other’s company. 

Williams was previously married to, and had a daughter with, Mawe Vundla, a sister to the socialite Tshepi Vundla. 

When the marriage failed, Desmond, whose LinkedIn profile indicates he’s the CEO of Green Share, an Energy Services Company (ESCo), moved on to a new love interest. And he appears to be happy in his new relationship.

The reactions to the news of Desmond Williams and Khanya dating have been pretty mixed. Some tweeps already think the relationship is headed for failure. 

To fans of the relationship, however, the couple deserves all the joy they can get, and if being together would add to their happiness, then so be it. Khanya has had her fair share of men before eventually settling for Williams. She had dated Yanga Chief, Reason, J Molley and a few others. It remains to be seen what direction her new relationship will take. 

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