Khanya Mkangisa’s Boob-Flashing On IG Live Divides Mzansi

Khanya Mkangisa appears to subscribe to the belief that if you have it, flaunt it. At least she has been exhibiting her boobs, described as “beautiful” by fans, all over the place.

Her latest boobs-flashing, though, had many South Africans on heat, and they shared their thoughts about it all on social media.

The drama started after the media personality went live on Instagram. Halfway through the record, she pushed her cloth aside, revealing one of her breasts. The reactions started almost immediately. Some fans hailed her for her “confidence.”

Khanya Mkangisa'S Boob-Flashing On Ig Live Divides Mzansi 2

One fan noted in particular that she loves Khanya because she is confident in her skin.

It wasn’t all positive reactions, however. Some flashed lashed out at her for being “shameless” and “irresponsible,” wondering what message she was trying to pass to younger women who look up to her.

Another fan posited that she was drunk and that her phone should be taken from her. However, Khanya hasn’t said anything about being drunk when she went live, so that position may not hold.

At any rate, it should be clear that she knows what she is doing and enjoys every minute of it. And she has an audience for her style as well.

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