Khanyi Mbau Clinches Deal With BeatsByDre

Khanyi Mbau’s business wins continue with the announcement of a new collaboration with BeatsByDre.

An excited Khanyi Mbau shard the news of the partnership on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The collaboration has also earned her a cover feature in The Throne magazine. By her own admission, the collaboration gives her great pleasure.

She didn’t give details of the partnership with BeatsByDre, but it is obvious she would be rocking some Dre phones for some time.

The partnership follows Kanyi Mbau’s break up with her boyfriend and her announcement that she is looking for a handsome and rich date. She had been denounced for emphasizing money in her journey to a new relationship.

Also, her Dre partnership popped online amid ongoing controversy over the repossession of her car by the bank. She had alleged bought a Porsche by a bank loan but defaulted on payment along the line. When she wouldn’t respond to messages from the bank, the car was alleged repossessed.

Her Dre collaboration comes as great news and great relieve for her as well. Fans have been bombarding her with congratulations since.

Well, what do you think of Khanyi Mbau’s collaboration with BeatsByDre? You might want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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