Khanyi Mbau Flashes New Ring, Fans Throw Engagement Questions At Her

Has officially taken off the market? Well, that’s one of the questions fans are asking right now after the media personality casually showed off a new ring in a post to Instagram.

Khanyi Mbau, who’s a singer as well as an actress, snapped attention recently when she ditched her man in Dubai and caught a flight back to South Africa. A frantic Mushonga had posted on Instagram, asking her whereabouts.

Mzansi had also been worried, with many more fearing for her safety and calling on the South African government to move in and determine what had happened to her.

Well, herself had spoken to TimesLive in the heat of national worry over her, stating she was okay and thanking those who had worried themselves sore over her and even begun search parties.

She had thereafter flown back to Dubai on a first-class ticket and hitched up with Mushonga again. Soon after, and as should be obvious from the picture below, Mbau had gotten a ring that wasn’t on her finger previously.

Mushonga had called Mbau his wife. Could it be that he’s taken things – or about to take things – to “permanent site” with Khanyi Mbau? The coming days should reveal a lot.

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