Khanyi Mbau Flaunts Priced Catch On Social Media, Praises Shona Men

is having the time of her life with a new lover and keen the world should know.

Not long ago, news circulated about her breakup up longtime lover Tebo Lerole. Soon after, the songstress had shared on social media that she was ready for a date. She gave some conditions that made denizens denounce her as materialistic.

At any rate, she has found the man that ticks all the boxes for her – a Shona bod and airline owner name Kudzai Mushonga. She shared pictures of them having a good time recently, describing their relationship as Mafia.

For context and for good measure, she shared a quote ascribed to Kerry Slatter which states that it’s “…like the Mafia; once you’re in, you’re in. there’s no getting out.” What exactly is she implying here? That she’d sink or swim in her new relationship?

Her immediate past relationship might give a clue, though. She had apparently fought for the relationship to work. But it didn’t, ultimately. By her own admission, she had had to let go of Lerole so he might “soar to greatness.”

Will a similar situation play out in her new relationship? Time might tell, so stay tuned for updates.

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