Khanyi Mbau Jokes About Her Earlier Lyrics

Singer, Khanyi Mbau has laughed off jokes about some of her earlier lyrics when she was freestyling as an up and coming singer. She may be a known name now but it wasn’t always like that as she did one or two freestyles starting out that have now been dug out.

The lyrics to the freestyle was posted earlier and it read:

@MbauReloaded remember Play Play
Bling Bling yeah I shine like the bling
Still the queen, reign supreme
And I’m watching all these hoes
I’m sorry “B” but you know I’m the queen.

Of course she did remember it and laughed when she saw the tag. The single from which the lyrics was extracted from her freestyle, “Play Play Freestyle” back in the days.

Khanyi Mbau who is an actress with soap opera appearances under her belt. Some of the songs that have come from her include “Igwinya”, “Izondo”, “Ubobalela” and more and while there hasn’t exactly been a new song from her recently, she has still not written off her music career.

The actress and singer has often been known to take up social issues and amplify them. One of such issues was the colorism in the entertainment industry that she tackled last June.

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