Khanyi Mbau On Keeping Track Of Her Teen’s Social Media Life

South African actress Khanyi Mbau is playing the role of a mother hawk over her daughter by keeping track of her social media activity.

She talks about that and more during a recent appearance on etv’s The Breakfast Show with Pabi Moloi. Khanyi Mbau noted that she monitors the pages her daughter follows, and she’s raising Khanz to be self-aware and to love herself.

Although she confessed to struggling with having a positive self-image, she’s determined her daughter should not have the same struggles.

Khanyi Mbau shares a close bond with her daughter and relishes that they they are close. So she was understandably furious last year when speculations were rife that her daughter was pregnant.

In a lengthy Instagram post, she had denounced the peddlers of the rumor, noting they are indirectly peddlers of violence against women. She ended up shutting down claims that her daughter was pregnant.

Khanyi Mbau On Keeping Track Of Her Teen'S Social Media Life 2

The intervening months have revealed that Khanz wasn’t pregnant after all. While Khanyi Mbau might appear fierce in matters concerning her daughter, always rising to her defense, she’s close enough to the kid to know when to enjoy a goofy moment with her.

This much was obvious in a recent vlog she shared of them together.

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