Khanyi Mbau, Renata Stuurman and Nambitha Ben Mazwi For Netflix’s Gig: Happiness Ever After

The trailer for the sequel to “Happiness is a Four-letter Word” is out and fans are excited about it all. The excitement stems in part from those who made the cast.

In the trailer are Mbau, Renata Stuurman and Nambitha Ben Mazwi.

The sequel bears a different title from the original but an equally interesting message that will resonate with the ladies out there. This romantic drama has Black women as leading cast members.

“Happiness Ever After” follows the lives of sophisticated women friends as they navigate the world in guest of love, happiness and success.

Some fans have shown special interest in Mbau, who had ditched her Zimbabwean lover in Dubai and flown back to South without informing him. She had flown back soon after to join him in the Emirates, earning the title of Drama Queen as a result.

Others were quick to notice Mmabatho Montsho, who was part of the first episode, was missing in the second. She has an easy explanation for that, though: she wants to focus on writing.

It remains to be seen if the full movie will create as much excitement as the trailer. We’ll be here to bring you that detail. Stay tuned.

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