Khanyi Mbau’s Touching Birthday Note To Daughter, Khanz, At 15

Khanyi Mbau’s daughter Khanz recently turned 15, and the actress went out of her way to celebrate her blood.

She’d shared a photo of the teen and written her a long note showing just what her daughter means to her. Growing up, Khanz had been taught some lessons by her family, which Khanyi Mbau hopes she would hold fast as she moves from age 15 into adulthood.

Apparently, to avoid people trolling her daughter via that post, Khanyi Mbau limited who can comment on the post. Probably only those she follows are allowed to comment.

By the way, just recently, Khanyi Mbau had been miffed when word spread that her daughter might pregnant given the way she was acting during a family photoshoot.

To put the rumors of a pregnancy to rest, she had posted to Instagram, denouncing those insinuating that her daughter was pregnant. As far as she’s concerned, it’s just plain bad that what comes to people’s mind at once was a possible pregnancy. She insisted that her daughter was only a child.

With the pregnancy rumor finally put to rest, Khanyi Mbau continues her Mummy duties, illuminating the qualities of her girl and encouraging her in the path she should go.

Celebs were in her comments to celebrate Khanz, from to Simz Ngema.

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