Khaya Mthethwa Investigates Rape Case Against Fellow Pastor By Church Member

Khaya Mthethwa begins investigating raper allegations against fellow pastor by church member

starts investigation into rape allegations against fellow pastor by Oasis church member.

Popular media personality and Oasis church pastor, is currently investigating an ongoing rape case involving members of his church. A pastor of the Oasis church has been accused of rape by a member of the church, a lady named Zinhle.

In a thread which has been gaining a lot of attention on Twitter, Zinhle detailed the events that led to the alleged rape, and how it happened. According to her, she got into a relationship with one of the church pastors. She revealed that prior to the relationship, they had both agreed that there would be no sexual intercourse between them.

This was because Zinhle is both a virgin and an avid Christian who does not believe in sex before marriage. However, according to her, the said pastor forced himself on her and raped her in April 2019, while they were spending time together.

She revealed she reported the incident to both the church and the police but none did a thing about it. Reacting to the news, Khaya stated that he is currently looking into the allegations. After a statement was released by the church, he revealed that the accused has been suspended while investigations are being carried out.

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