Khaya Mthethwa Talks The Agony Of Divorcing Ntando Kunene

Divorce is something many people would pray not to experience. But life has a way of throwing things at people, and they have to contend with the realities of the same. That’s one reality South African media personality and gospel star Khaya Mthethwa is contending with at the moment.

During a recent interview appearance, he commented about his struggles after divorcing his wife of two years and former beauty queen Ntando Kunene.

Speaking on Mpoomy Ledwaba’s podcast, Wisdom & Wellness, Khaya noted that he took antidepressants following his divorce, which was itself a difficult decision to take. It’s unclear exactly why the two separated, but they are done.

Khaya also noted that soon after the dissolution of the marriage, the coronavirus pandemic kicked in and with the lockdown measures implemented in the country, he had to stay home alone for eight months.

There was not even room to go to church and that was actually okay, according to him, because if he had gone to church, he would probably have collapsed there. But life had other plans and that never happened.

It has been a while walking solo following his divorce, and he is in a much better space now, according to him. Watch.

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