Khloe Kardashian Shares Hint On Naming Her Baby Boy

For fans who might be wondering what he and her ex Tristan Thompson would want to name their child, the reality has given clues – but without giving the full name.

During a recent episode of her family’s reality show, she made it clear that the name of the child would begin with a T – so fans are at liberty to suggest anything in that area.

And, of course, her mother was more than happy to chime in, suggesting Travis (taken from Travis Barker, who’s already married to one of her daughters). Khloe neither accepted nor rejected the name. in fact, she might end up giving her son that name.

In the interim, fans should just enjoy the suspense and await her verdict. The Good American founder is clearly not in a hurry to release that to the public yet.

Khloe had announced a while back that she and her basketball-playing ex-lover planned to have a son by surrogate. His infidelity messed up their relationship, but she kept to the plan of having a son via surrogate.

In the coming days, fans could embrace “Travis”, “Terrence,” “Trevor”, “Tim”, or some(T)hing similar. Let Khloe have her “T” in peace. Lol.

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