Khosi On Big Brother Titans R1.8 million Prize

Reality show star Khosi Twala has just clarified the issue of whether she was paid her $100k (R1.8 million prize) prize after winning the inaugural Vig Brother Titans reality show.

Many South Africans have wondered if she got paid following the complaints by Blessing Basheru and Justin Peters claimed that they haven’t been paid their house game prizes.

Well, speaking for herself, Khosi noted that she had been paid. Her payment came two months after winning. That itself wasn’t an issue, according to her, based on the contract she signed before going into Biggie’s house.

By her own account, part of the contract was that she would be paid within one to three months in the event that she should win. And indeed, the organisers kept to the stipulated time frame, paying her two months after.

Since leaving the Big Brother Titans house, Khosi has managed to remain socially relevant, snagging endorsement deals here and there and tossing thirst traps on her Instagram story.

Her latest post showed her sashaying down the road in a skimpy dress that revealed so much around her torso region. The clip provoked condemnations from sections of social media, with some people accusing her of public indecency

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