Khosi Twala Praised For Her Philanthropic Moves In Zambia

BBTitans star Khosi Twala gets praised for her philanthropic moves in Zambia.

If you asked her fans about her, fans of Khosi Twala would tell you that Khosi Twala has been doing everything right since she left the Big Brother Titans house. The star has amassed many admirers and has even given back as much as possible.

She was recently praised for her philanthropic efforts following a visit to Zambia’s children’s ward at the University Teaching Hospital to make donations. During her visit to the hospital, the reality star shared her emotional experience with the sick children and their parents.

She wrote in a post shared on her Instagram page, “Today I visited the children’s ward at the University Teaching Hospital with @gooddeeds46664, and my heart was shuttered, but I had to carry on with a big smile because I believe the least I can do is bring optimism in such environments. But it was so hard, seeing parents sitting with their children in severe conditions.”

Her fans were impressed with her and took to the comments to react. myfashion_link wrote, “When I say they already know the difference, guys they dnt understand..this heart here speaks for humanity.” Check the full post out below.

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