Khuli Chana and Lamiez Holworthy Celebrate 1 Year of Marriage

Khuli Chana & DJ Lamiez Latest Baecation In Pictures

It is exactly one year of companionship and loving for Khuli Chana and his wife Lamiez Horworthy.

A notable DK, Lamiez Horworthy recalls the moment of her marriage to the Motswako rapper with the greatest fondness. Taking to Instagram yesterday 2 November 2020, she shared a picture of them during their traditional wedding a year ago.

For caption, she stated that Khuli Chana’s uncles brought a a herd of cattle to her parent’s home. And the rest is history. According to her, she would choose him over and over again.

Lamiez Horworthy and Khuli Chana have been serving Mzansi couple goals since they got married. Many look up to them because of the beauty and amity of their union, and the pair has not disappointed.

On Khuli Chana’s birthday recently, Lamiez Horworthy had bought him a Jeep wrangler. Not done with the wonder on wheels, she had taken him out on a great outing in an exclusive spa where they had a wonderful time.

Khuli Chana himself celebrated his marriage anniversary, stating in an Instagram post that the best relationships are the ones we never saw coming.

Well, one can only hope for even greater years for the pair and their union