Khuli Chana Celebrates Wife DJ Lamiez At 28

Relationships are some of life’s treats. Those who are in beautiful relationships will readily tell you it is another version of nirvana and something to be maintained and celebrated, too. Khuli Chana is in the corridors of nirvana right now…

It was an emotional moment for Khuli Chana when his wife turned a year older on 12 June 2020. The hip hop star, who had treated fans to several hit tunes including “Tswadaar,” took to Twitter to celebrate her.

According to him, he loves her for who she is and who he is when he is with her. He also loves the strides she has made in the music industry, where she maintains a vibrant career as a club DJ.

He called his wife, DJ Lamiez, who turned 28 on June 12, his best friend and his favourite DJ and thanked her for choosing him over other suitors.

Khuli Chana and his wife have been noted as one of South Africa’s truly happy celebrity couples with a love story that inspires. Khuli Chana’s message therefore surprised no one.

Below, you may want to check out Khuli Chana’s tweet to his wife on her birthday and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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