Khuli Chana Grateful For Surprise Baby Shower (Video)

South African rapper Khuli Chana is one of the newest fathers in town, and he couldn’t be happier to have this new responsibility. It turned out his family and associates were just as excited to see him step into the world of fatherhood as well.

They threw him a surprise baby shower, with family and friends in attendance. It was a heartwarming event that wasn’t lost on the singer.

Commenting about it all, he had shared his gratitude to his family for putting together h a shower for him. He admitted it was something he really needed. His looks at the event showed that he was indeed happy about the surprise. You can check out the clip below.


By the way, Khuli Chana recently went on a vacation with his wife and child. He is keen to be a present father and is already transforming into a doting daddy to his son.

Khuli Chana Grateful For Surprise Baby Shower (Video) 2

Khuli Chana and his wife, Lamiez Holworthy, share a deep bond. Apparently, the coming of their first song has strengthened that bond, and the two continue to give the Rainbow Nation couple goals. It will be interesting to see whether their son will opt for music when he grows up.

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