Khuli Chana & Lamiez Holworthy Dedicate True Love Magazine Cover To Their Unborn Child

and her husband have just made the cover of True Love magazine and they are excited about what that symbolises in their lives and relationship. And they have dedicated the cover to their unborn baby.

Yes, is currently pregnant, and this was reflected in the picture used for the cover. The picture showed the celebrated DJ with her right hand on her husband’s head. himself was seated with his left hand on his wife’s waist and his right on her baby bump.

The coupled looked good together. Their making the cover of True Love magazine wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows them. For one, they have a deep love story and many look up to them for what they stand for in a relationship.

When Lamiez loves, she holds nothing back – a trait that is equally evident in her husband. So their being husband and wife is all shades of gratifying. As far as some tweeps are concerned, the two deserve each other.

Anyway, members of the public, from celebs wot ordinary folks, were excited for the couple as well after they made the cover of True Love. This much is reflected in the comments to the post.

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