Khuli Chana On The First Time He Discovered A-Reece

Khuli Chana goes down memory lane as he recalled how he discovered A-Reece.

One thing that is peculiar to South African artist under the same genre, is that they tend to support and respect each other’s beginning. We have seen a lot of DJ and artist help other artist rise, either by signing them to their record label or by simply mentoring them.

Khuli Chana recalled how he met A-Reece as far back as 2014 when he was only 17 and predicted great things for him, which surely came to pass as the rapper attained stardom at a very young age. Khuli Chana took to his twitter page to share the picture they took together 6 years ago.

See the post below;

Khuli Chana in his bid for mentoring youths, just launched a financial workshop to educate youths on Career sustainability. This will help youths to develop themselves in this era marked by economic imbalances and unemployment.

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