Khuli Chana Says Maftown Heights Is Returning

Khuli Chana Will Release New Music Soon

SA Hip Hop star Khuli Chana took to social media to hint at their return of Maftown Heights.

There have been claims that SA Hip Hop is not doing well as it used to. However, several artists have not only defended it but also released music to prove the genre is still doing great.

Some are doing more than dropping new music. They have also kicked off concerts that celebrate the genre and help promote it. Khuli Chana is the latest rapper to announce a new concert. The famous emcee took to Twitter to hint at the return of Maftown Heights. Yes, you read that right.

He posted an old clip of the concert and wrote, “Dates dropping soon.” Excited fans have taken to the comments to hail him for the news. Since 2010, Maftown Heights has grown to be one of the most entertaining events in the country. We all can’t wait.