Khuli Chana Talks Academic Journey After Graduating With Honours

Some people start their lives and make great success of it without going to university, and then they decide to go back to school for a degree. Some just ignore the school thing and continue rocking their success in their chosen careers.

South African rapper Khuli Chana belongs to the first category. The songster has been making inroads into South Africa’s academic universe and recently bagged an honours degree in innovation and entrepreneurship from the AFDA. Now that milestone is enough to provoke introspection.

And with Khuli Chana, it actually did, In a recent post on social media, the songster had announced his latest academic achievement while also thanking those at the institution who were of immense support to him. Knowing Khuli Chana, it was inevitable he should include his wife as well/

He appreciated her support as well, from being his wife to being his partner in the entertainment industry… There is so much to be grateful for. You can check out his post below.

With his latest academic triumph, Khuli Chana joins a list of South African celebs who had returned to school, Another notable voice who had done the same is singer and record label boss Oskido.

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