Khuzani Visits Family Attacked Following Song the Year Incident

Maskandi star Khuzani has paid a visit to the family who was attacked after the “Song of the Year” incident.

Everyone knows that fan wars are a real thing. While the artists would not encourage their fans to defend them physically, some fans take it upon themselves to defend the honour of their faves.

After Khuzani’s hit song “Umjolo Lowo” won Song Of The Year on Ukhozi FM’s Top 10, fans of Khuzani and Mthandwni (who came second with “Paris” featuring Lwa Ndlunkulu) began attacking each other. A family in KwaZulu-Natal was also attacked.

With the help of Jumbo and his fans, Khuzani visited the family. He revealed that he contributed R20 000, and the Gospel star Jumbo contributed R10 000 to assist the family. Khuzani said,

“Yesterday, I visited a family that suffered damage due to the Song of the Year. I was accompanied by Jumbo to donate to this house. I reached out with R20 000; Jumbo extended his hand with R10 000.”

“My supporters contributed by bringing groceries, and the government promised to build a house for the family.”

He has encouraged his fans to never resort to violence in their efforts to defend him. Mthandeni has also addressed his fans, telling them to forgive Khuzani.

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