Kicked Out By Mpho Wabadimo, Themba Broly Says He Is Here To Fight For His Relationship

Just recently, former Big Brother Mzansi housemate Themab Broly spoke about being admitted to the hospital. He also shared a clip of him apparently recuperating on his hospital bed. Now, he has given more insight into his illness and where it had led him.

The tattoo-loving reality show star has just revealed that his woman Mpho Wabadimo threw him out during his illness. But it appears he still has robust faith in the relationship and is rooting to link back up with her again.

Apparently, he had gone to the hospital without informing Mpho, a sangoma who was pregnant at the time. The reason for his action was that he didn’t want to stress her. It appears like she is having none of that.

Of course, he could readily have given up and continued with his life without her, but the reality star is in no hurry to move on, as he noted that he is still seriously in love with her and would fight for their relationship.

Speculations of a breakup between them gained momentum after Mpho posted a picture of trash bags containing. Anyway, it is up to her and Themab Broly to decide if they will stick it out again.

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