Kid Cudi Dismisses Report He Was Unhappy With Eminem Collab

American musician Kid Cudi has dismissed claims he was unhappy with his latest collaboration with Eminem.

After the release of the collaborative single “The Adventures Of Moon Man and Slim Shady,” Kid Cudi had stated that Eminem fucking destroyed the song.

From those words, a publication (NME) had insinuated that Kid Cudi was actually unhappy with the collaboration. But Kid Cudi dismissed this, stating that he was actually pleased with the collaboration and was merely complimenting Eminem.

Eminem has said nothing so far about the developing story. It is doubtful he would. If he should say anything, it would give the story a new twist.

Anyway, Kid Cudi has apparently moved on from the criticism of his words on the Eminem collaboration. The Cleveland native has been teasing a collaboration with Lil Wayne. The track might eventually pop on the tracklist of the champ’s imminent “Intergalactic” album

Well, what do you think of the claim Kid Cudi was unhappy with the collaboration, and Kid Cudi’s response? Do you think he was complimenting Eminem when he said he “destroyed” the song?

You might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section. You may as well check out the collaborative single below.

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