Kid Tini Opens Up About Being His “Worst Critic”

Kid Tini talks about being his worst critic

Kid Tini opens up about being his own worst critic.

While other artists are moved by the criticism people throw their way, Kid Tini isn’t. There probably isn’t a thing you’d tell him that he hasn’t told himself. At least that’s what his most recent post translates to.

The talented muso took to Twitter on May 24 to reveal that he is his biggest fan, and also his worst critic. According to him, he wishes he was half as good as his supporters believe he is. He also revealed he doesn’t take their thoughts about him for granted saying he will only get better.

When a fan tried to blame his label for not pushing him well, he simply said he’s where God wants him to be. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that will keep him humble, and also get him an even bigger fanbase.

It hasn’t been long since he dropped his most recent joint, Buss A Move. The song which was produced by Tweezy has gotten a lot of love from fans and music lovers.

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