Kid X Discusses Latest Single, Kikilikiki, And Upcoming Album

Kid X discusses his brand new single and upcoming album.

South African musician, Kid X, released his brand new single titled, ‘Kikilikiki’ recently. He also revealed his plans for the brand new single and upcoming album.

Talented musician, Kid X, released his single last week Friday and music lovers have been giving positive reviews to his new song.

He recently revealed his plans for his single, ‘Kikilikiki:

The single is the first roll out towards putting out a new body of work. It’s a part of a bigger plan to help up-and-coming businesses in the locations.

Kid X explained that he plans on using the single to inspire the youth and also people who live in disadvantaged communities. His aim is to ensure that they achieve their goals.

Talking about this, Kid X said:

This is more of a soundtrack. There is going to be a lot more social involvement and work in line with the song. So, it is actually in line with an entire campaign that we are in a process of rolling out.

Kid X also discussed his plans for the highly-anticipated third album. He revealed that taking a three-year break between the release of his two albums, ‘3 Quarter Pace’ and ‘Thank Da King’ was unintentional.

He said:

I think it works out perfectly. Simply because the type of music I make has that type of life cycle.

The ‘Kokotela’ hitmaker said that he uses parables in his songs’ verses on purpose, as they are often used to convey a story. He also talked about the pressures of adding a taste of amapiano into his upcoming music. He revealed that he will be leaning towards amapiano because it is like an evolved version of kwaito and it represents South Africa.

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