Kid X Speaks On His Music Career, Says New Music 80 Percent Done & On The Way

If you are one of those who think the rapper Kid X has not been active of recent and whether he would release new music anytime soon, the songster has got an answer for you. there is something for you as well if you are curious about where his career stands at the moment, the songster himself has addressed them all.

Speaking on a YouTube channel he controls, The Wholesome Institute, the songster gave insights into several aspects of his life and music.

While tweeps might have assumed previously that the songster may have ditched music for other interests, Kid X revealed that he had, in fact, been working on new music on the sides, and it is 80 per cent complete – to be released when he is done with it.

Is anything special about the imminent project? The songster would give a resounding “Yes!” According to him, what is coming is the best music from him so far in his life, and he can’t wait for his fans to feast on it

Pn what he is currently engaged in, the songster revealed that he is at school finalizing his course. He is studying Studio Works at Revolution Media Academy. The course obviously aligns with his music career.

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