Kiddies Republic Closure: Cassper Nyovest Shares Encouraging Words With Lekau Sehoana

South African rapper Cassoer Nyovesthas just shared some encouraging words with his friend and business associate Lekau Sehoana following the closure of his business.

In a press statement, Lekau Sehoana noted that Kiddies Republic, one of the brands under his Drip brand, was liquidating. He took fans through the creation of the brand to cater to specific markets back in 2022.

However, the business wasn’t viable and he had to close it down. The process of liquidating the business is already in place. It’s just sad that the brand had to close shop. For those who might be curious, he also clarified in the press statement that Kiddies Republic is independent of other brands under his belt.

Reacting to his post, Cassper Nyovest, who got into an R100 million sneakers deal with Lekau Sehoana, shared some encouraging words with him, letting the Drip founder know that he supports him even in his challenging times. You can check out the post below.

Other South Africans were also in the comments to support Lekau and wish him success in his other business ventures.

Cassper Nyovest and Lekau have a close relationship that transcends business. They were cool enough for the fashion designer to borrow the rapper’s McLaren for a spin at some point

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