Angelique Kidjo Remakes Makeba Classic “No Pata Pata” For COVID-19 Awareness

Angelique Kidjo releases remake of the Makeba classic "Pata Pata"

Angelique Kidjo releases new remake of the Makeba classic “Pata Pata” for COVID-19 awareness.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Angelique Kidjo, is creating awareness for the spread of the Coronavirus by releasing the remake of a South African classic. Kidjo put a new twist on the song “Pata Pata” to help spread word all over Africa about the the virus.

No major changes are done to the song. The chords and the syllables remain the same except for a few alterations done to the lyrics. Kidjo sings

It’s time to sit it out / This is no pata pata /  Stay at home and wait it out / Stay at home and wait it out / We need to keep our hands clean / So ‘no-pata pata’ / Don’t touch your face, keep distance please.”

The new remake of the song “Pata Pata” originally done by the late music icon, Miriam Makeba was recently released by UNICEF. Makeba was also a former UNICEF goodwill ambassador who worked on hunger, HIV and domestic violence, and a civil rights activist.

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