Killer Kau Debuts New Hairstyle

Is Mzansi’s Killer Kau in for another “Game Changer“? perhaps not right away. But the songster continues his killing mission with a revolutionary hairstyle that quietly reveals a bod in the corridors of youth, exuberance, indifference…

He revealed the hairstyle yesterday via his Instagram channel. He hair was dyed orange, with red heart emojis on either side of his head. Below those, close to his neck, is a black line that, for whatever reason, looks like a mouth. You might as well imagine the heart emojis as eyes.

Amuse yourself with a clip of the hairstyle below.

Clearly – at least from the responses – fans were chuffed with the new hairstyle, and peppered it with the flame emoji in the comment section. Others simply dropped the laughing emoji, and yet others asked for why he opted for something like that.

No one saw it coming. But that is just as well. Killer Kau was spotting a low cut before he opted for his new hairstyle.

What do you make of Killer Kau’s new hairstyle? Is it something you wanna spot sometime in the future? Well, you might wish to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below

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