Killing Eve: Marie-Sophie Ferdane Talks Assault On Villanelle

Killing Eve snapped the attention of viewers right from its first season. Now in its fourth season, the series continues holding fans in graceful suspense.

Imagine that someone was sent to kill you but somehow missed accomplishing that. Could it possibly be an accident – a quirk of fate, if you please – or something else?

Well, Villanelle (Jodie Comer) has a lot of questions for herself as she’s the one who’d survived the killer’s lance. She doesn’t have to look too far for her answers, though. 

Marie-Sophie Ferdane had missed killing her, and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) had offered that Marie-Sophie Ferdane didn’t want her dead. After all, she’d made the same clear in a note.

Marie-Sophie Ferdane pushed the same narrative about not wanting to kill Villanelle because they share similar traits. She’d seen a part of herself in the other woman, and she didn’t want to harm her. She’s not the crowd type; she wants to be left to herself, with her animals – in solitude a la Colonel Aureliano Buendia(?).

Episode 6 of the series promises even more drama and suspense – and that’s a core reason to look forward to it and whatever else should follow. A sneak peek follows below.

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