Kim & Kanye Appear In South African Gumtree Ad

A number of South Africans were taken aback when an advertising agency created a Kanye and Kim advert but showed them something unexpected.

When the advert promised a Kim and Kanye Gumtree ad, a lot of people expected to see US celebrities, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian fill their screen but obviously that was not going to happen as they were instead treated to an advert with two other people.

Instead of getting the Wests, South Africans got to see the Khumalos and while some found the ad interesting to watch and very daring, others were unsure why that was even necessary to start with.

The advert’s goal was to encourage anyone to be whatever they want to be. The message was also that they could be Kim and Kanye if they liked as well.

The original Kim and Kanye started dating in 2012 and got married in 2014. They are both big in the entertainment industry with Kanye leading on the music front and Kim being a reality TV star as well as an emerging force on the legal front with emphasis on prison reform.

The ad tried to tap into their luxury life and it has gotten people talking. Whether or not the ad hit its target is not sure yet, but people are talking about it and that’s not a bad thing.

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