Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Discontinue Marriage Counselling

and have reportedly stopped marriage counseling. People Magazine reports that a public announcement is imminent from the couple soon, quoting a source.

The revelation that the two are no longer in therapy has led to a storm of speculations among their fans that neither of them is capable of salvaging the union which has led to the birth of several kids.

and had a somewhat strained relationship in the build-up to ’s campaign to become the president of the United States  last year. She had wanted to make him see a doctor after his verbal outbursts, but he had rebuffed her initiative, threatening to reveal her family secrets.

Although he had apologized much later, the strain in the relationship apparently did not mend.

The two began attending counseling sessions in their attempt to work out their difference. It is unclear why they stopped halfway, but speculations are rife they have decided to give up on the process and begin a life apart.

By the way, neither West Kim Kardashian nor their representatives have confirmed divorce rumour.

Well, it would be long before the truth pops online. In the interim, you wanna stay tuned for updates.

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