Kim Kardashian And The Playboy Life: Kanye West Drops Hot Take On His Daughter’s Upbringing

Kanye West is still fuming over his failed relationship with Kim Kardashian. And he has made it clear that he won’t let his estranged wife to 4- and 9-Year-old daughters be pushed into what he called “Playboy And Sex Tapes” – an apparent reference to being made sex figures.

The reference is also to Kim herself. The socialite and entrepreneur had become famous following the deliberate leaking of her sex tapes with rapper Ray J, elder brother to Brandy.

According to Ye, pornography ruined his family, and he wouldn’t want his daughter exposed to the same. This isn’t the first time he’d said something in that direction, though. When he was still with Kim, he had made it clear she must not dress them in revealing clothing.

In his latest outburst, he accused his ex-wife of playing games with his kids. He specifically pointed out that she deliberately tried to antagonize him by allowing their 8-year-old daughter North to wear makeup for a TikTok video.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian used to be considered the perfect couple by many. Kim, in particular, was singled out for praise because of how she handled her then-husband’s bipolar disorder, pleading for understanding from the public.

No more.

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