Kim Kardashian Back At The White House To Discuss With VP Harris

She is no stranger to the White House, having been there before. But Kim Kardashian’s return to that symbol of American power is generating quite a buzz online.

Unlike her previous White House visit, the current visit is for something way more important. Among others, she will be discussing criminal justice reform with none other than the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

Kim, who is now an attorney, has been a voice for inmates she believes have been wrongly convicted. Previously, she had visited the Trump White House, where she met with the then-president to drum home a plea for the pardon of prisoners.

Unlike the risque outfit she is known for, her appearance in the meeting with VP Kamala Harris was well thought out, with the mother of four dressing professionally and presentable for the occasion. She surely didn’t forget that she had serious business in hand.

The meeting went on as scheduled, with the White House releasing a video on YouTube soon after. In the clip, the VP commended the entrepreneur and mother of four for her advocacy and “the importance of talking about and being dedicated to second chances.”

Kim Kardashian Back At The White House To Discuss With Vp Harris 2

Well, for Kim Kardashian, it appears this is only the beginning.

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