Kim Kardashian “Disgusted” By Balenciaga Kids Ad

After days of silence, socialite Kim Kardashian has addressed the controversial Balenciaga ads campaign which had outraged many people earlier. The ad showed children showing off BDSM gear.

When the pictures first popped online, fans had camped on her social media channels, demanding she denounce the brand for its “disgraceful” ads. After days of silence, she had spoken up.

In a tweet addressing the campaign, she noted that she had been silent the last few days not because she didn’t see the ad and how terrible it was but because she wanted to speak with the Balenciaga team to find out for herself how that could have happened.

She described as “disturbing” the images of kids with BDSM gear, adding that the safety of children should be held in the highest regard and no attempts must be made to normalize child abuse in society.

Even before she released the statement, Balenciaga had pulled down the offensive campaign and tendered an apology.

She acknowledged the apology from the brand, noting that had realized the gravity of its mistake and taken the right decision after.

Kim Kardashian &Quot;Disgusted&Quot; By Balenciaga Kids Ad 2

Kim Kardashian &Quot;Disgusted&Quot; By Balenciaga Kids Ad 3

By the way, Balenciaga had reportedly filed a $25 million lawsuit against the designer and production company of the ad in what has been described as a tenuous attempt at blame-shifting.

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