Kim Kardashian On Why She Hired Male Nanny For Her Son Saint

Almost everywhere, the belief among most people is that a female should be a nanny for a household, taking care of both the male and female kids.

So it was inevitable that American entrepreneur and socialite Kim Kardashian would attract great attention when she hired a male nanny for her son Saint.

People have been questioning her on the reason for picking a male and a female. After what should pass for a brief silence, the mother of four had finally addressed the case, giving reasons for picking a male nanny over a female.

With Kanye West rarely in the picture and Kim herself now carrying the tag of a divorcee, she had probably recognised the importance of having a man in her son’s life while he grows, so she opted to have a male nanny. In her own words, she wanted a man around.

Her explanation resonated with a lot of people, some of whom commended her for recognising the importance of her son having a male figure in his life while he is growing up, especially as his father, the rapper Kanye West, is now married to the Australian architect Bianca Censori and is not always in the picture.

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